IBM/Lenovo X60s BIOS upgrade

The IBM/Lenovo X60s has two Mini-PCI-Express slots: One for a WLAN and the other for WWAN-device.
IBM/Lenovo whitelists some device according to their PCI IDs in the BIOS. So if you want to use a WLAN or WWAN card that has not been “blessed” by IBM/Lenovo you will see the error “1802″ or “1804″, the BIOS will disable the device and it can not be used by the operating system.

Zender” did a lot of work and published information on how to bypass that errors. If you want the direct URL to the BIOS modifications contact me as Zender does not want the URL to be publicly available.

Using his BIOS modification and the instructions on thinkwiki I put together a BIOS update CDROM-ISO to upgrade the BIOS from an external USB-CDROM which I tested on my X60s but it should also work on X60. Two notes: If you already have the latest BIOS version, you have to downgrade the BIOS first and if you have a custom logo you have to remove that (and than apply it again).

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Comments for “IBM/Lenovo X60s BIOS upgrade”

  1. sluggo Said:

    Hi, i was wondering if you could send me the url as ive been searching high and low for the white-list-patched bios for my x60s (1702-37g).
    thank you for a great read!

    // sluggo

  2. Iggis Said:

    Hi! To me too :). X60s 1702-W5S, for MC8780 wwan card. Many hanks!

  3. Iggis Said:

    Sorry, did an error: “Many thanks”, of course

  4. Iggis Said:

    For me too, please. Have an X60s 1702-W5S with working Sierra MC8755 WWAN card, it would be quite good to change it to faster MC8780. Many thanks!

  5. layla Said:

    Hi, can you re-upload the bios update cd-rom?
    the address:
    Doesnt work for me! thanks

  6. layla Said:

    can you reupload the bios upade cd-rom image?
    the download link doesn’t work for me.

  7. ra Said:

    The download link is fixed. ty

  8. omb Said:

    I am very interested in a current zender bios for t61-6463-b45 and for t61-7679-cto. could you please send me links to download and to say thanks via flattr to you and zender ?

  9. Kevin Herring Said:

    Hi, please could you send me the URL for zender’s BIOS? I have contacted him directly but there has been no response. Thanks.