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Easy and secure anonymous internet usage

As of June 2012 all updates regarding the (fast) gatewa [...]

IBM/Lenovo X60s BIOS upgrade

The IBM/Lenovo X60s has two Mini-PCI-Express slots: On [...]

Building an auditory and visual stimulation device with EEG feedback loop

“Building an auditory and visual stimulation device wit [...]

Instant messaging file transfers just do not work

A few days ago I wanted to quickly send a file through [...]

Flash cookies

If you are concered about your privacy while browsing y [...]

Firefox extensions

These are the firefox extensions I use today. I hope so [...]

Kmail auto add address to addressbook

I just figured out how to automatically add addresses I [...]


I just created a new tumblelog/soup in which I will doc [...]

Google proxy

Some time ago I had the idea to write a google proxy wh [...]

Gentoo overlay

I finally put my local ebuilds online. Browse my Gentoo [...]