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Easy and secure anonymous internet usage

As of June 2012 all updates regarding the (fast) gatewa [...]

Routing unmodified Virtual Machines through the TOR network

So far I had three different TOR setups:

A browser [...]

Flash cookies

If you are concered about your privacy while browsing y [...]

Kernel “Trusted Path Execution” patch (tpe)

I just finished a patch to the Linux kernel which imple [...]

Kernel Patches (proc & dmesg restriction)

I updated two kernel patches to the Linux kernel.

l [...]

OpenWRT: 802.1x WPA2 TLS

Ein nettes Howto wie man unter OpenWRT WPA2 TLS lauffä [...]

Skype ist böse[tm]

Philippe Biondi und Fabrice Desclaux haben gestern auf [...]

OpenSSL security advisory

See: [...]

Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy

1. Don’t put personally identifying informati [...]

WTH & 22C3 Videos

Beside from the lock bumping video I enjoyed this WTH & [...]