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2 Monate Arte-Magazin (gratis)

Einfach bei bestellen. (: [...]

Firefox extensions

These are the firefox extensions I use today. I hope so [...]

Google proxy

Some time ago I had the idea to write a google proxy wh [...]

Google Earth

I experienced Google Earth being really slow after upda [...]

NetworkManager applet for KDE

A few days ago I figured out that the NetworkManager ap [...]


Den Freunden der guten Küche kann ich Seitan nur ans H [...]

konq-pdf (various PDF service menus for KDE)

A few weeks ago I stumbled accross konq-pdf which offer [...]

bugmenot firefox extension

The firefox extension for bugmenot is still working (a [...]

Linux Power Saving Projects

Even more linux power saving information from intel on [...]


Ich habe eigentlich die letzten Jahre auf suspend2/tuxo [...]