konq-pdf (various PDF service menus for KDE)

A few weeks ago I stumbled accross konq-pdf which offers various PDF related service (“right click”) menus for konqueror. These menus contain joining/adding files, changing pages per sheet, rotating, converting to other formats, extracting images, .. in a few words: it’s very handy if you don’t want to remember all the command line parameters for pdftk/pdfjam you just need once in a while. (:

There are just two things I found in the software:
The kde submenu text in pdfnup.desktop “X-KDE-Submenu=Paginate” is not
very clear. “X-KDE-Submenu=Pages per sheet” would be better imho.

A small bug in pdfjoin.desktop makes it always display the italian kde
submenu: “X-KDE-Submenu=Unisci o aggiungi” should be replaced by
“X-KDE-Submenu[it]=Unisci o aggiungi”.

I just wrote the author Giuseppe Benigno an email, so these “bugs” probably get fixed soon.

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