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Automatic renewing at libraries using the aleph software (tested with Vienna University of Technology and University of Vienna)

Since I use the libraries of universities quite heavily [...]

Google Earth

I experienced Google Earth being really slow after upda [...]

NetworkManager applet for KDE

A few days ago I figured out that the NetworkManager ap [...]


The last months I more and more used a tumble blogging [...]

New driver in linux kernel for intel 3945 wlan chip

I already tried the new driver for the intel 3945 wlan [...]

Corrupt Banking System

Videos explaining monetary theory for layman/non-econom [...]

suspend/hibernate buttons in kde shutdown dialog

I took a patch which implements the suspend/hibernate [...]

Kernel patches

I updated some kernel patches:

disk-protection patc [...]

konq-pdf (various PDF service menus for KDE)

A few weeks ago I stumbled accross konq-pdf which offer [...]

New location

As you are reading this you probably already know: this [...]