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konq-pdf (various PDF service menus for KDE)

A few weeks ago I stumbled accross konq-pdf which offer [...]

Linux Power Saving Projects

Even more linux power saving information from intel on [...]


Ich habe eigentlich die letzten Jahre auf suspend2/tuxo [...]

Kernel “Trusted Path Execution” patch (tpe)

I just finished a patch to the Linux kernel which imple [...]

Kernel Patches (proc & dmesg restriction)

I updated two kernel patches to the Linux kernel.

l [...]

Kostenfreie KUbuntu CDs

Die Fachschaft Informatik auf der TU Wien verteilt kost [...]

Suspend2 Becomes TuxOnIce

The Suspend2 project has been renamed to TuxOnIce Nigel [...]

Linux für Kinder

Dow [...]

Understanding Power Consumption

Intel released a utility “powertop” for detecting what [...]

GNU/Linux on Dell notebooks/workstations

Dell announced to support GNU/Linux on notebook and (co [...]